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Why All The Celebs Are Doing Yoga, And You Should Be Too!

Yoga has been the talk of Tinsel town for years already and many celebrities are swearing by the spiritual and health benefits that can come from doing yoga. Stars are always on the go, but practicing yoga allows them to keep in touch with the beauty of silence. It cultivates inner peace and makes them live with greater awareness. Here are some famous celebrities and the reasons why they continue to lead a life of yoga.

Yoga is good cardio

Jennifer Aniston might be over 40, but she still looks like the Rachel that we all knew and loved on Friends. The thing about that show is that it happened 20 years ago and yet Aniston still looks the same. Her secret lies in her practice of yoga. Aniston is a huge fan of Mandyy Ingber’s Yogalosophy program that combined traditional yoga with cardio activities that definitely helped shave off the excess fat. If you want to maintain a tight body that would look good in the bedroom, go with Aniston and start practicing yoga.

Yoga can heal the spirit

While the controversial pop star Lady Gaga is always seen as a party animal, she maintains her yoga practice in order to connect with her inner spirit. Yoga practitioners have experienced inner peace, and Lady Gaga claims that yoga paved the way for her to heal her spirit. When Gaga broke her hip in an accident, she turned to yoga in order to recover quickly. And she was on tour a couple of months after that.

Yoga makes you perform better

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and NBA Superstar LeBron James use yoga to perform better at the things that they do. Levine admits to doing an hour of yoga before performing for his concerts. Yoga is able to give Levine the chance to become more focused before the big show. James, on the other hand, said that yoga has helped him improve his ability to play basketball. Practicing yoga allowed James to improve his stamina even during the most intense games.

Yoga is super fashionable

Paparazzi that hound celebrities everywhere they go have always enjoyed taking snaps of celebrities who are out on yoga. Yoga is an exhausting activity which is why some celebrities would prefer it if you stop taking photos of them. While yoga might have caused the worst paparazzi photos, it led to a new style that highlighted comfort and wearability. You can buy yoga gear online, but some specialty stores are offering fashionable yoga outfits.

Always make sure that your yoga gear matches the type of yoga class that you’re attending. Tank tops are more suitable for basic yoga as the sleeveless nature will allow you to become more comfortable. You may wear a sports bra for a Bikram class while t-shirts are more suitable for men. You should also be on the lookout for yoga gear that you can use during the class. Your yoga gear should be personal to maintain proper hygiene.

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