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Clearing up facts about love binding spells

Love binding spells question and answers

In my career as an esoteric master of the occult I have come to realize that the public frequently has doubts and questions about love binding spells,(Amarres de Amor Preguntas)

In this post I will answer these questions from my perspective.

  • How long does a love binding spell last?

A love binding spell doesn’t last for a certain duration or have an exact time that it expires.

We are talking about people, human beings, and that is why a love binding spell is variable and unique to each individual.

However, we can take a guess that a temporary love binding spell lasts from 6 months to 1 year at the most.

A so called eternal love binding spell is not exactly eternal it only extends a temporary binding spell by 2 to 4 years.

  • How much does a binding spell cost?

This question is difficult to answers as the cost depends on the master practitioner performing the binding, the type of binding, and the country in which the buyer resides. However, there is a large range of prices. Some of which are incredibly low and that I personally feel are nothing more than a scam. For example, I have seen prices as low as $30.00 dollars. A price which doesn’t even cover the supplies needed to perform the binding. On the flip side I have seen higher prices ranging from $150, $200, $300, $400, and $500 dollars up to $1200 dollars.

The general public needs to keep in mind two things when looking for a love binding spell: how long the practitioner will take to perform the binding and the price. Then divide the price by the amount of days it will take the practitioner to perform the binding.

This can be a reference point for you.

For example, if the practitioner indicates that it will take him 28 days to perform the binding and the price is $600. Then the price is $28 dollars per day which is possible due to the time, physical and material resources used.

  • How long must you wait to see results?

Again, I reiterate that bindings vary due to each individual. This is why binding spells are not an exact science.

Just think about how medicine affects different people with a stomach ache and how long it takes an individual to heal. For example if they have indigestion it may take them a day or two to heal but if they have appendicitis they won’t get cured no matter how much medicine they take.

I have also seen bindings advertised as “I will return your beloved to you within 24 hours”. I recommend having caution regarding these types of offers as binding spells are a process. To give you an idea it is plausible that you may have to wait up to two months to see results.

  • What consequences will I have and how will they impact my life if I have a love binding performed on someone?

Many people are afraid of bindings because they are afraid negative things will happen to them. Or that they will be cursed but this isn’t always the case.

A binding that is performed with the appropriate pre-cautions and care will only generate a strong attraction and sentiment towards a certain person. That is all.

Also you have to think logically about the consequences of your decision and actions. If you have a binding performed on a married man and he leaves his wife and children. This will most certainly bring about negative consequences that will impact your life.

The same thing will happen if you have a binding performed on your brother in law and he breaks up with your sister. This will produce negative consequences that will impact your family.

Also, binding done due to impulsiveness, obsession, or vengeance will bring you negative consequences to your life.

And, of course, there are bindings performed through black magic using dark entities. In this case you must talk carefully about the possible consequences with the practitioner that will perform the binding.

But first ask yourself one question.

Would a demon wish you happiness?

In general, please think before you have bound someone to you. See if this person is compatible with you. Look at their aspirations, habits, defects and their vision for their life. Make sure you are compatible so that later on you don’t have a life where you fight a lot or where this person doesn’t meet your expectations.

So that afterwards you don’t blame the binding of something which is your responsibility.




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