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Are you making the most of your online restaurant?


Any restaurant needs an online presence these days, whether that’s for web-based bookings or to allow customers to order in.

If you’re interested in the latter aspect of restaurateuring, you’ll be part of a growing trend. Last year, the Telegraph reported that our appetite for having food delivered at home is increasing almost by the day, with even high street burger chains going down this route.

We’ve also seen an increase in food outlets joining forces with delivery websites so that food can be delivered to clients at home with no need to take on extra employees to do deliveries. Others are choosing to do direct home deliveries.

What’s clear is that online and mobile technology is transforming the whole industry, with many operators now offering online ordering and delivery services.

To be part of this trend, you need the right restaurant online ordering software for your online restaurant.



TastyIgniter is restaurant management software which itself incorporates table booking software, with the capacity to let customers order in online, too.

It even allows you to manage the kitchen and staff as well as customers and their orders, table reservations and more.

This software comes with reliable technical support.

What’s more, it’s not hard to install – just choose the template you want, add you menu and you’re all set to receive orders online. You won’t need to be technically advanced to start using TastyIgniter extremely quickly. Indeed, you can be up and running and taking orders over the web within minutes.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the software is totally free and open source, meaning you also have the added advantage of a community of coders on hand to help.

And this software is friendly to a number of things – including chains of restaurants, and mobile users who want to order their food from their phone or other device on the go. Equally, TastyIgniter’s platform has been designed to be easily found online by those searching the web, so your restaurant will show up easily in internet searches.

Finally, it can even be easily customised to suit your particular brand. So, what are you waiting for? Get a taste for TastyIgniter today.

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The ‘smart’ people’s Smartwatches

By Shuja Khan

British company Orsto Ltd is disrupting the wrist watch and wearable technology industry with their new range of premium Analog Smart Watches. Since the turn of 2016 ORSTO have launched their GB102, GB202 and GB302 British Analog Smart Watches, which are a sophisticated hybrid of a traditional quartz watch, a fitness/sports watch, and a smart watch.

The latest model range to expand the ORSTO collection is the Diver 400 Range sporting an incredible 200M/660ft Water resistance, a world’s first for smartwatches. Not the prettiest in their collection but will most likely prove to be coveted and a desirable piece of kit for water sports enthusiasts.

Each ORSTO model is available in Natural (Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel), or Black (Premium PVD Coated Stainless Steel) and it is possible that gold ORSTO watches will hit their rapidly growing network of exclusive up market retailers before summer 2016.

This unique fusion of traditional horology and smart technology flies in the face of the current trend for Smartphone manufacturers bringing to market mass produced relatively low cost touch screen smart watches. ORSTO have rolled out 8 models to date and their website has a blank page for the Finesse Range which will be aimed no doubt at the female market who require a more delicate and less chunky or masculine appearance.

ORSTO is headed up by Paul Gill 53 who is a respected design engineer with 36 years industry experience and of course ORSTO have the added advantage of being based in Great Britain with its enviable and proud history of time piece (watch and clock) manufacturing dating back to the early 1800’s.

Each ORSTO Analog Smartwatch model is designed and built to look, feel and function as a high end British traditional wrist watch, but, with the convenience and benefits of having outstanding smart functionality if, or when, you need it. The ORSTO designers based in Durham, England, UK who were tasked with creating desirable hybrid watches with the perfect balance of classicism & modernity, have certainly surpassed their brief and have creating what ORSTO proudly describe as ‘exquisite British iconic designs with timeless appeal’.

ORSTO have created 4 ranges of remarkable luxury wrist watches that they believe is the future of smart wearable technology, for serious and savvy wrist watch wearers.

The CONTEMPORARY 100 Range, the CLASSIC 200 Range, the NAVIGATION 300 Range and the DIVER 400 Range.

At first look it does appear almost unfathomable to many techies and industry experts that ORSTO, who for several years have become known as one of the great innovators in the world of touch screen smartwatches, have essentially made a full 180 degree turn away from the basic touch screen smartwatch concept.

However on closer inspection this move is actually a rather genius play by ORSTO which may have just caught the big players like Apple, with their pants down.

The buzz within the industry and the number of jewelry retailers adding ORSTO to their high end wrist watch catalogues and armoury certainly suggests that ORSTO are moving in a good direction and will be music to the ears of the 88 international ORSTO investors, who through Crowdcube, backed a relatively unknown sme to develop their products in 2014.

ORSTO CEO Paul Gill explains:

We have looked in detail at our own findings, the substantial public opinion and feedback now available from users of smart wearable’s of the last 2 years and carefully analyzed what users and reviewers are saying are the ‘real world’ Benefits, Uses and Problems with wrist based smart technology.

Our conclusion was that Major Improvement was required in the following 7 Key Areas, before the majority of people looking for their next wrist watch would even consider investing in and using a wrist watch with smart functionality (smartwatch).:

  1. In most people’s minds a wrist watch is not just a tool, it is a piece of jewellery and fashion item or fashion statement.

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches are an intelligent smart tool within a beautifully crafted, desirable and fashionable British traditional watch.


  1. Battery life. 1 day or even several days is just NOT acceptable for a traditional watch, tracking (fitness) watch, or a smartwatch.

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches run for approx. 2 ½ years for timekeeping and up to 7 months for smart functions without the need for recharging or changing batteries.


  1. Easy of use. Tiny OLED touch screens are inherently very difficult and frustrating to use with even the slimmest of fingers and are ‘mis-touch’ error prone. Especially when you are moving (walking, running, or even sitting on a moving bus).

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches have 2 LCD Displays. An Information window which sits in the top half of the watch face and a Menu window that sits in the bottom half of the watch face. The smart functions are controlled with 4 Press Buttons which are super easy to use, even when moving (walking, running etc). In fact you do not even have to look down as you use them, making life with a smartwatch easier, more convenient and safer.


  1. Time keeping. Having to ‘wake up’ a smartwatch to tell the time is annoying and loses the wonderful convenience of glancing at your wrist for the time or date, which has been enjoyed by wrist watch wearers since the 19th

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches have a quartz movement with traditional physical watch hands and also a digital time and date, both of which remain on and glance-able all of the time.


  1. Outdoor use. OLED touch screens are difficult to see in many bright light situations especially outdoors in direct sunlight.

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches have genuine 100% LCD displays which can be seen perfectly in super bright direct sunlight.


  1. Water resistance. For watch wearers who need water proof-ness, a smartwatch that is barely splash proof, or even a claimed few feet water resistant, falls way short of the wearer’s requirements.

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches are designed and built in the same way as the very best of British and Swiss traditional waterproof wrist watches since the 19th Century, with meticulous machining of the watch cases, rubber sealed pushers, crowns and ‘screw closed’ bases.

The ORSTO 100, 200 and 300 ranges are 100M/330FT water resistant and the 400 range is 200 Metres/660 FT water resistant.


  1. Value for money. Smartwatches are designed and built in the same way as a smartphone, with an expected lifespan of 3 or 4 years, at which point it is acceptable to be ready for the bin. This may be OK for an electronic consumer device like a smartphone, but NOT for a beautifully designed and crafted lifestyle accessory like a wrist watch.

ORSTO Analog SmartWatches are British designed and crafted wrist watches machined from solid stainless steel and like all specialist British watches will remain in good working order, enjoyed and cherished for many years to come and also actually increase in value.


About ORSTO Analog SmartWatches:

ORSTO Ltd is a British Private Ltd Company, based in Durham, England, UK, which is backed by 88 International Investors. ORSTO Analog SmartWatches are Works of Art with Unique and Striking Timeless Iconic Styling created by the ORSTO in-house design experts. All of the unique component parts that make up each exclusive ORSTO model are manufactured to the strictest specifications by long established component manufacturing companies who are foremost specialists in their respective fields and supply components to leading high end brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Bell and Ross to name just a few. ORSTO design and manufacture Watches under the ORSTO brand and for both OEM and ODM customers (this means that you may see similar design or technology, but with a different, possibly up market jeweller, brand name).

All of the Watches that ORSTO produce have Smart functionality through the incorporated O.R.S.T.O. Software with user control via the O.R.S.T.O. GUI (Graphical User Interface).


For more information, please visit http://orsto.com/



O.R.S.T.O. is the method by which a human operator interacts with the hardware and software of a mechanical or electronic device and the resultant function/s performed by the device. (O.R.S.T.O. System was the created in 1985 during the infancy of computer controlled machines, by world renowned and respected design engineer and Orsto Ltd CEO Paul Gill, to simplify and make easier the interaction between machine and operator).


Incorporating O.R.S.T.O. into traditional horology design is certainly a step ‘out there’, but it would appear that this is a new and welcome dawn for both tech and fashion enthusiasts that is being embraced at a remarkable pace worldwide.


For anyone who would like hi-resolution printable pictures, they are available for download from the ORSTO website on their dedicated press kit page, where during the last few days new hi-res images have been uploaded. http://orsto.com/press-kit.html





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Watch Live NBA Matches From Anywhere with Free NBA LEAGUE PASS


There are so many people all over the world that are crazily in love with NBA matches. For these set of people, the NBA games has become something to enjoy and cherish. It has now become an integral part of their life.

For example, in the United States of America, basketball is now the most popular and watched sports, thanks to the National Basketball Association who has projected this sport with matches, tournament and a whole lot of things, shooting the popularity of the sports to an all time high.

However, even if you are not in the United States of America, you can still watch live NBA matches from anywhere in the world, thanks to improvement in technology.

Since the league extended its subscription package to the internet, it has opened the door to numerous basketball lovers to watch over 40 NBA games available online every week. Although there could be some restrictions in order to preserve television rights, fans of basketball will be able to watch NBA live matches from anywhere with free NBA league pass.

It is important to note that the NBA league pass will bring you every NBA game, live and on demand on all your devices, whether it is iPad, iPod etc all year long. However, note that the NBA league pass will offer you a limited number of free trial periods during the season which you can use to watch your favorite NBA matches anywhere in the world.

When you sign up for NBA league pass, you will have access to over 40 NBA matches per week. This is by no means a small feat for a basketball lover. This will ensure that you get the opportunity to watch the matches that you crave for. With this stunning number of games, the NBA has ensured your enjoyment and access to the sports that you love.

Also note that with the NBA league pass, you are sure to have incredible online access. The NBA league pass will ensure you watch games online through your broadband connection with no additional fee. This is incredible for basketball fans. What this means is that you just need to log in online, access your account and watch what you want, when you want it and ensure you get all the excitements that come with the typical NBA match days.

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The Top Things That Sabotage Teamwork and Bring Your Team Down

Working together on a team can be challenging – no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Whether you are working together for team charity events, completing a big project together or working toward some other goal, it is important for the team to function smoothly as a unit. However, sometimes there are certain group dynamics that can sabotage a team and really bring you down.

Here are some of the common problems that bring down teams – and how you can avoid them.

The Team Becomes Fragmented

When a team is not cohesive and a difficult situation arises, groups can be formed within the team and will “take sides” on various issues. This can cause conflict and polarization, which can weaken the strength of the team from the inside out. The best way to deal with this is to try to find a compromise that meets the needs of everyone on the team.

If it is not possible to do this, you might consider splitting the team up into smaller groups so that each group can carry on with their unique way of doing things. Sometimes teams are just simply too big and unwieldly and they would be able to accomplish more if they were smaller. Perhaps two smaller teams would be able to be more closely aligned and accomplish more than a larger team would.

The Team is Unmotivated

Sometimes when a team gets together there is no energy or motivation, they are just going through the motions and not demonstrating initiative. In order to be inspired to do something, often people need to see that there will be a reward or a goal for achieving their actions. It doesn’t have to be something that the team receives, sometimes just making an accomplishment and seeing the fruits of their efforts can be motivating.

For example, if your team is raising money for a charity you can take a look at some of the projects that the charity is working on and see how the money raised would have a positive effect on the lives of others. This might be powerful inspiration for the team to step up and become more motivated.

The Team is Dominated by One Person

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to work in a team if one person is always acting in a domineering way, monopolizing meetings and forcing his or her viewpoint on the group. You can deal with this issue by complimenting the person on their good work, but asking them privately to put some of their extra ideas in writing to you rather than taking up group time. You don’t want to squelch their creativity, you just want to find an additional outlet so that it doesn’t take time away from others. In group discussions, create a format in which each person gets a turn answering questions or sharing their ideas.

The Team Has a Member Who Doesn’t Speak Up

Sometimes you might have the opposite problem – a team member who doesn’t participate in the group discussions and just sits there quietly. This person might be shy or lack confidence, they might be intimidated by other members, they might not be able to think about anything to contribute or there may be many other reasons for their lack of participation. It’s hard to know where they are coming from and what the issue is, because they might not speak up about it.

To deal with this, give them praise when they do speak up and take the time to listen to their ideas. Have a private meeting with the person to talk to them about why they are not speaking up. Depending on the reason that they give, you will be able to work from there and determine if the issue can be solved or if they should be removed from the team.

These are just a few of the issues that you might face when you are working together with a team – but with the right approach you will be able to overcome them. A great team works well together and is able to accomplish more because they make the most of their strengths – whether you are working on charity challenges abroad or any other type of challenge.

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Renting Private Homes for Vacations

It is the middle of winter and you’re freezing.  This is about the time when many are planning summer beach vacations.  If your past family vacations have been spent in small cramped hotel rooms, which are nightmarish on rainy days, and scouring for family restaurants that don’t break the budget, consider renting a private home or condominium for your vacation.

The first step is to find a reputable website that has a large selection of listings for your destination. Be sure you know your arrival dates, size requirements and budget. Online sites with multiple listings will have more traffic and most likely be agencies that are reputable and have been in business for sometime.  Know that when you have identified the property, you will be dealing directly with the property owner.

Each property should have multiple photos so you know exactly what you’re paying for.  More often than not, the property listings will detail what amenities are available with the unit or provided by the owner.  Do you need to bring beach chairs and beach towels or are they provided? Is it a gas or charcoal grill?  If it’s a gas grill, are you responsible for refilling it?

Be certain to check the mapped location of the property you’ve selected and see the street view. Are you as close to the beach as you would like or are you on a major road? You can also confirm this information in correspondence with the owner.

Lastly, what are your responsibilities when you check out of the property? Will the housekeeping service take care of everything or do you need to strip beds and empty trash?  Having all of your questions answered prior to arrival can avoid any unnecessary surprises.

The last item on your list will be to simply pack new new bathing suits and beach towels, the books on your bucket list and that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Once you’ve rented a vacation home with the family, you’ll be hard pressed to return to hotel rooms. Great memories are made around dinner tables and sand castles!

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