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Selecting Music for a Dressage Freestyle

Horse training is an activity that involves connecting to your animals’ emotions. Body Language is the primary channel animals use to communicate with humans, meaning that every horse owner should understand their animal’s body language to read the horse’s mind. Music connects strongly to human emotions and has the same effect on horses, where it guarantees several benefits. Here is how to select music for your dressage freestyle to ensure you find the ideal rhythm and tempo.

Start with the beat

Choosing the right music for your horse is essential to experience the actual merits of music. Beats per minute is a crucial consideration when choosing a theme, and you ought to know the footfalls your horse makes per minute to find a synchronized BPM.

You may need a stopwatch, leg wraps, and a camera to calculate the footfalls per minute for your horse. The music variety will also determine your dressage freestyle choreography since it dictates the tempo of the routine.

Select a Theme

Picking a theme is another essential aspect you need to consider when preparing for a dressage freestyle. It would help tailor your performance and presentation towards your stamp and brand. Ensure you consider your horse when making these decisions; how powerful is it? Mismatching a theme to your horse will result in an animal’s unsatisfactory performance.

Identify a Floor Plan

Your horse’s performance will be on level ground, so you must familiarize it with the current layout to improve its movement. Invest heavily in creating the ideal floor plan, since the judges will award technical marks based on how well your horse navigates the space. Spice your performance with some unique choreography and utilize arena spaces not used commonly.


The final step to selecting music for a dressage freestyle is testing and editing the choreography. We already have the music and horse movements at this stage, and we only need to perfect the routine. The editing stage requires focus, since you do not want the final video to feel incomplete or chopped off. You can find an editing professional, and there are hundreds of providers with competitive prices.

Dressage freestyle design services are available to everyone, regardless of level. You can follow these steps to find the ideal music and choreography for your dressage freestyle. It is crucial you achieve a connection with your horse for outstanding performance.

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