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Popular Nigerian Entertainment Company

In Lagos, Nigeria there is a particular entertainment company that stands out compared to the rest of them Murphy Ben International is a very popular company in African culture. They promote, create and aggregate African music. Recently they have their own TV show from Aforevo which is a partner company with Murphy Ben International. The company was founded in May 2012 by CEO Murphy Anawana and with their sister companies, they have over 400 employers. They always promote entrepreneurship and creativity throughout their entertainment company in order t be the most successful in their industry (the entertainment industry in Africa). In a total of three years, they have grown immensely and therefore they are also known for their aggressive speed.

One of the reasons why they are such a successful company is because the CEO Murphy Anawana understands that technology in Africa is just starting to grow and Africa is a developing continent therefore starting out their business at the same time is definitely a plus for the company’s success rate. Murphy Ben International measures their success based on being the top entertainment company in Africa but also through YouTube. They are currently the top YouTube company in Africa because they have a variety of entertainment such as music, films, music videos and now their own TV show; therefore having such a wide range of entertainment gives them a hand up in this sector.

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