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How to Get Your Teen into an Excellent University

The progression from high school to university is a giant leap and one that should be considered long before the admission process. If you and your teen have set your sights high for college, then you’ll need to put in a lot of work to be considered by the best. Here is how you will get your teen into an excellent university.

Start Early

You should already be thinking about college before your teen has entered their senior year. Talk to them about what sort of major they’re thinking of and what their dream universities are before putting a plan into action.

To make their application stand out once admission time rolls around, then you should get them into many extracurricular activities such as sports and academic clubs. This will show the universities that your kid is dedicated to more than just their studies.

Hire a Tutor

Your teen doesn’t have to get straight A’s for a chance at getting into an excellent university, but good grades do help. If they are struggling in a particular subject, then consider hiring a tutor to help them bring their scores up.

If your child is talented in an area, then you could also get them into tutoring other students. Not only will it help improve their knowledge, but it will also look fantastic on their college application.

Find a Scholarship

Scholarships are a great way to get your kid into a great university while cutting down the costs. If your teen is athletic, then encourage them to pursue that and excel in a sport. Find them a sport that they truly love so that they are more likely to dedicate their time to it. There are plenty of scholarships for a variety of sports out there, such as wrestling scholarships, so focus on where your child’s talents lie.

Apply Early

You have probably already heard that you should apply early, but it’s surprising how many people forget to when the time comes. Look at the admission deadlines and create your own that is much earlier so you can get your teen’s application before the rest.

Show Off Your Teen’s Uniqueness

Unfortunately, no matter how brilliant your teen’s grades are or how many extracurricular activities they attend, there will still be thousands of similar applicants. What you need to do is make them shine, and that means showing off their unique features.

If your child has a special talent, then focus on that. Often, colleges are looking for someone who shines in one area rather than an all-rounder. The key here is to focus on their strengths and push them in their application, showing off what makes their talents unique and what they can bring that is new to the university.

Talk to Them

Above all, you should talk to your child about their application process. Make sure they are making decisions that they are happy with, and try not to stress them out too much. After all, this process dictates the rest of their lives, so they should have the final say in all decisions.

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