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Three Reasons to Go Fiber for Your Home Office

While copper wires were once the most efficient way to connect homes and businesses to internet, television and landline phone networks, some of the best services are now switching to fiber optics. If you’re currently unhappy with the quality of services connecting your home office to the rest of the world or you’re doing your research to determine the best service for new connections, there are three reasons you should select fiber internet providers over those still using copper.

Faster Download Speeds

When you sign up for service with an internet provider using fiber technology, you can choose from a variety of service speeds. This gives you the ability to select the speed that best supports your business and fits within your budget.

For instance, you may select the slowest speed if you have limited funding for your home business and don’t download a lot of large files. If your business does depend on downloading and sending files, then you can invest in the highest fiber internet speed to ensure those files are received and sent quickly and without errors. Many services offer the fastest internet connections at affordable prices, so you don’t have to break your budget to keep your business operating smoothly.

Clear Connections for Video Communications

Do you depend on Skype or teleconferencing programs to connect with clients or colleagues? This technology makes working from home efficient, but it only works well if you have a solid internet connection and a bright image that allows you to see the person on the other end of the call clearly. You also need a secure connection that transmits and receives audio in real time. Fiber connections are more secure and reliable than copper and often offer faster Wi-Fi connections, so you can take those online conferences without fear of technical interruptions.

Fiber Can Match Your Pace
This is perhaps the most important reason to consider fiber internet connections for your home office. This advanced technology will keep pace with your office no matter how busy you get. Standard copper connections often slow down when multiple devices are pulling from the same network. For instance, you may notice a lag in your computer system while receiving a fax because both devices are connected to the same internet service. If you go with fiber, you shouldn’t notice a change in computer speed as the fax is received.
There is nothing more frustrating than business delays caused by slow internet connections. Avoid the drama and keep your business running smoothly by using fiber connections for your entire home.

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