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The Top 10 Trending Careers at The Moment

Although there has been a great deal written and debated as to the ongoing great resignation, there are still certain careers that are breaking records, wherein the demand for professionals in these fields is phenomenal. These are the careers that are trending at the moment and should be regarded as the antithesis of uncertainty and irregular working patterns and opportunities. These careers offer the best in both longevity and in the sense that you will get back what you put into these professions or careers.

1.   Smart home technician

The rise of the smart home across the country has seen the associated rise in the need for smart home technicians. The job of a smart home technician is a mix of the household tradesman with your IT techie. Someone who is able to install, fix, maintain and upgrade your smart home tech such as the doorbell, integrated household utility control, heating and air conditioning. The integration of the latest hardware and software such as voice recognition is under constant development, allowing homes to become smarter and more efficient.

As a career this one is in its infancy and has a long way to go, yet offers the security of a great career and top rates of pay.

2.   Healthcare management/administration

According to the US bureau of labor statistics there will be a huge demand in healthcare administration and management jobs over the next 10 years. It is likely to require a masters or post masters certificate in nursing and healthcare but will present a sustainable career with incredible prospects for both career mobility and progression. The core of this role is about providing leadership in hospitals, government offices, residential and elderly care homes and organizations.

Anything in the healthcare sector is also universal in the sense that we all need our health and aspire to good health. It is to the management of this healthcare or specific healthcare sectors such as elderly care. The primary drivers of the trend towards healthcare admin and management jobs are the incredibly speedy growth of the healthcare industry and healthcare provision.

3.   Remote content writing/marketing writers

Content is still King and the fact that all online marketing and sales is still based on content, that is constantly refreshed online has seen the massive growth of content writers. Without the written word, marketing gurus are able to reach a large sector of their possible market, making this an essential role. A role that has simply exploded with the phenomenal growth in e-commerce.

Every industry needs content to convey their message and as such it is expected that content production will steeply increase with the anticipated rise in the use if digital platforms for marketing and sales. In order to really make your mark in this sector you will require both the technical writing skills as well as creative flair. Yet once mastered there will always be a sufficient stream of work as more sellers look to get their wares and services written and spoken about online.

4.   Actuaries

This may not be one of the better-known jobs out there, but it has been on a concerted rise in both demand and popularity. The main aim of an actuary is to analyze statistical business data such as mortality, sickness and absence and then being able to work out future payments and related liability it is as aforenoted the ability to determine the risks, evaluate these and then mitigate against the ones that are most dangerous.

The main sectors looking for such actuaries are in insurance and employment and management.

5.   Data scientist

The increase in available data and the ability to gather such information on an ongoing basis from clients and customers has made the need for those who can analyze and use such data an imminent and pressing one. The specification is generally for multidisciplinary skills that are backed up by the ability, skills and training to analyze the enormous data sets that are now able to be gathered and collected. There is definitely an element of statistics and mathematics, but many data scientists and analysts also rely on a good understanding of the sector itself to be able to make inferences or provide advice based on the prevailing data but also the current trends in the specific sector.

The ability to extract useful information from data is now an essential job and the manifestation of this in the labor market is the job of a data scientist.

6.   Cloud computing/Information Systems manager

The rise in remote and hybrid work has made the cloud an integral part of modern business, as well as society as a whole. Being able to set up and maintain an entire office or internet-based workplace has become one of the most sought-after skills in our modern society. The IS (Information systems) manager would need to be able to manage a team of technicians and be in a position to precisely determine exactly what the needs are of various and different businesses and companies whom they are either setting up cloud computing for or  maintain such networks, software and hardware. The cloud is the future of all business and as remote work continues to grow there will be stopping the growth and development of IT systems and processes that will enable business, entertainment and media to be based, accessed and enjoyed from the cloud.

7.   Cyber security

We are definitely in the data and information age and as such there is increasing value in protecting and defending against data breaches and cyber-attacks. No longer is it viewed as sufficient to merely have the anti-virus software, but most firms that rely on and collect big data now have a specific role or position that looks to the firm or businesses cyber security needs and threats. The training can be accessed online and in many instances those with knowledge of hacking, spamming and the actual techniques used to breach security have been hired and trained to develop more proficient cyber security systems. This career is trending as there are expected to be over 3.5 million openings in the cyber security field by 2025. This should both excite and frighten those in the field as it means that there are just not enough people in this profession to defend against the dark arts of cyber theft and crime.

8.   Registered Nurse

The RN (Registered Nurse) is a career that has stood head and shoulders above many others in the current job market. The fact that we as a society are living longer and expect to be healthier has seen the increase in demand for nursing, with specific regard to the registered and licensed nurse. At this level of nursing you would be expected to have the 4 year BSN (Bachelor of sciences in Nursing) or better and for many this will simply be a starting point to the numerous masters and post masters qualifications offered online. A great example is the Family nursing practitioner that will allow you to practice in the community in a role that is in high demand. The registered nurse is thus the starting point for a number of other careers in the nursing sector as a whole and as such it trends quite highly as a top career.

9.   Software/app development

The move to mobile by almost all forms of entertainment and media as well as work and business has meant the need for specific software and applications that are able to make this happen in a seamless and professional manner. In fact by 2030 the increase in demand for software developers is expected to rise 22%. The US BLS notes that there will be around 189,000 openings for this type of job. This extreme shortage is also being experienced across the globe and as such it is now possible to gain entry to the career or sector with on-the-job experience and training in specific company focused or specific software and computer programs.

10.   Social media marketing manager

Social media is in constant flux and has become one of the best ways to build and develop a brand as well as sharing it and selling it to others. To add to the already established Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you also now have Reddit, Twitch and TikTok – all social media platforms that have come to the fore for the younger generation and are all now also used to market, spread and sell. It is this spread and change in social media that needs to be managed and integrated with business marketing that has begun to yield some of the most interesting and versatile jobs that there are.

The role will entail implementing a social media marketing campaign across all aspects of the firm’s social media as well as then monitoring and maintaining the campaign.


All these are careers that will continue to trend for some time. None of them are regarded as a flash in the pan and it would do anyone interested in a sustainable well-paid job to look into the options as discussed herein.

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