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Plan The Perfect Christmas Party

Every Christmas there is the question of whether you are going to a party. There is also the option of hosting a Christmas party. Who doesn’t love a party? Especially one at Christmas? Here we show you how to plan the perfect Christmas party, from venue to themes.

Book the venue

The first and most important thing on the list is to decide where you want to have your party. Whilst there are many places to choose from, having a Christmas Party in Chester is a great idea as there are lots of great hotels to choose from that are reasonably priced. You also have the Cheshire countryside which is always beautiful.

When booking the venue you will need to ensure that the venue suits everyone and that they will allow you to host a party there. Some hotels will have rooms available for hire and you also need to consider whether it is work booking rooms for people to stay in, especially if there are going to be alcohol drinks available. Safety is important. If people are drinking, encourage them to stay over to save any trouble later. There are plenty of Hotels in Cheshire to choose from. It’s just a matter of preference.

Setting the date

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, so you need to let everyone know in good time the date of your party. The quicker and earlier you alert people to your party, there more likely people are free to come. The most popular days to host a party during the Christmas period are usually over the weekend, so Fridays and Saturdays.

Be wary though, you can’t cater to absolutely everyone, so just go with the majority. If you send out invites and a small handful of people can’t cake that date, but everyone else can, you have two options, change the date and risk losing more people, or stick to the date and have most people on your invitation list turn up. You can always catch up with the people who couldn’t make it at a later date. In order to choose the best date, ask around first and see what people suggest. You may find that a lot of people suggest the same date.

Set your budget

Christmas is expensive, so you might need to set a budget so that your party doesn’t cost you too much. Most hotels offer cheaper rates at the beginning of the week, with peak times, such as the weekend being more expensive.

Bear in mind the size of your budget will ultimately have a huge impact on the type of Christmas party you organise, from the type of food you have, to the drinks you serve and the entertainment.

Find out how much you actually want to spend. You will need to know this so you don’t try to organise something over budget, or something unrealistic. Shop around for party accessories and don’t go with the first thing you see.

Have an emergency backup fund just in case too sometimes unexpected charges and costs can come up and if you are not prepared then it could potentially ruin the whole experience. For example if your caterer doesn’t show up, you might need some money to buy food elsewhere.

Choosing the theme

We have already established that you are hosting a Christmas party, but have you thought about how you want the party to look? Your theme should be present throughout the party. Research your options and even take some inspiration from Christmas parties that have been successful in the past. What themes did they have? It’s good to use ideas from them, but make them fresh and exciting. It’s no good doing a repeat of a previous party. You could choose anything from a traditional Christmas party, to something a little bit different, maybe a ballroom party or even a decade themed one.

One you have chosen your theme, make a list of everything associated with your theme. From colour coordination, to party games. Make sure it fits in with the image you are trying to create. If you want your guests to be dressed to match the theme, let them know in good time.

Have fun

Don’t forget, parties are supposed to be fun. So don’t stress out too much trying to organise the perfect one. Once you have got the important bits out of the way, the best thing to do is relax and enjoy yourself. If you are having fun then you can be assured that your guests are having fun too!

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