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How to Become a Model

Some women and men in the UK dream about a career in modelling. They believe that they have what it takes to appear on the covers of the magazines such as Glamour, or simply become featured on TV commercials. In their case, it might be a good idea to try to monetise on their good looks and make modelling their career.

There are thousands of young people in the UK who would like to become models, but who don’t know how to achieve this. Some of them might have bad luck and even despite their attractive looks they might experience problems landing even the smallest of jobs. What they might be doing wrong is that they don’t go to the right places to help them to start their careers. It is for their sake that I am going to write about how to become a model and start getting modelling jobs that pay well.

One of my first recommendations is to go directly to stylemodels.co.uk and start looking for jobs there. Unlike many other places, Style Models is not a modelling agency, but rather a platform allowing young men and women from all across the UK to hook up with sound modelling agencies that will offer them jobs. Unlike many other modelling platforms, Style Models actually cares about the models and doesn’t leave them on their own to dry the moment they submit their profile, but rather takes necessary steps to help them to land modelling jobs.

This post definitely wouldn’t be complete without some statistics and numbers. Let me take a closer look at them and explain why Style Models are worth getting in touch with in case you are looking for a career in the modelling industry:

-Around 80% of models who submit a profile to them end up getting a modelling job. Since in the modelling industry there are no guarantees, 80% is as high as it can get. Even supermodels experience problems landing a job sometimes.

-62% of those who submit their profile get a job within the first month after their submission, which means that more than one person out of two is busy with a contract almost immediately after contacting Style Models.

-49% make no less than £900 on their first job, which means that even inexperienced models get paid well from the very beginning. The amount of earnings usually increases as the models become more seasoned and experienced.

-Style Models are hooked up with the largest number of sound and legitimate modelling agencies, casting directors and influential people in the modelling industry than any other modelling platform in the UK.

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