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5 Year-Round Vending Ideas that May Be Profitable

When owning your own vending cart, there are some items you can sell that might not be very profitable during certain seasons. For example, ice cream may be less appealing to customers during the winter. However, that shouldn’t stop you from owning your own vending business. There are several ways you can make money year-round as a vendor whether you’re on the street or setting up a mall kiosk.

Hot Food

Hot food items such as pizza and hot dogs are items that have potential to sell all year. Many people don’t take into consideration weather patterns when looking for something good to eat. While more of a cold menu may still prove beneficial during the summer months, pizza is a food that is sought after year-round.


One thing that people need regardless of the season is something to drink. Coffee, espresso, soda and even water are often purchased throughout the year. A beverage cart can offer a range of drinks while keeping a steady flow of income. Hot beverages are more likely to sell in the winter while cold ones are more likely to sell in the summer. In either case, you’re making sales 12 months of the year.

Seasonal Merchandise

Many carts and kiosks are centered around a specific business theme when it comes to merchandise. For instance, some people sell nothing but sunglasses or phone accessories. Providing a seasonal atmosphere can keep many customers coming back to your vending business to buy various goods that are centered around the changes in weather.

Home Electronics

Many people are interested in electronic gadgets and gizmos regardless of what time of the year it is. Everything from cell phone chargers to USB-powered fans can interest those passing by your vending business. However, a business like this may be better suited to an indoor atmosphere such as a mall or grocery store.

Candies and Sweets

Candy and sweets don’t necessarily have a perfect season. People like sugar whether it’s cold outside or not. While ice cream may not be a popular item when it starts to snow, goods that are room temperature such as candy bars may still hold interest. It may also be beneficial if you have a few items that are tailored for specific holidays.

While the seasons may dictate the best items to sell out of your cart, you don’t need to suffer the lulls from disinterested customers. Some platforms can easily provide certain foods to match the weather. Otherwise, it may take a bit of imagination and creativity to attract customers to your cart or kiosk throughout the year.

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