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5 Reasons to Sell Your House Online

When it comes to the online world, there is nothing easier today than selling something online; from cars to old CD’s, motorbikes to clothes, just a quick search on sites like Ebay and Amazon marketplace are primed for online sales.

But when it comes to selling your home, until recently it has only really been available to do through a bricks and mortar estate agent; and this means that your choices have been limited and the kinds of deals you could get for marketing your property may have been reduced significantly.

Well, now, the tables are turning and you can sell your house online. Companies such as Jet Homes have specialised in the area for some time and have a few top tips for when it comes to selling your home in the digital realm.

Choose the right agent

Easy said, but now, because of the amount of choice which wasn’t originally there all those years ago, many agents have appeared. Some will be your traditional bricks and mortar who have an internet platform whilst others may not be registered at all.

What is essential is that you do some checks and controls to ensure that you’re being represented appropriately by a registered trader and that they are part of a trade body. The National Association of Estate Agents can help you with this information.

Invest in online marketing

One of the key areas to internet selling is that you have the right marketing behind your property. After all, you want to attract as many potential buyers into your home, albeit through the web as the first port of call.

Ask your agent about what kind of marketing they do and how often they do it. Ask about things such as “email marketing” and “social promotions” and how frequently it is done for your property, as these will be two key ways to know how much investment there is in the marketing of your property. Don’t forget, if you feel that not enough is being done, speak up and let your agent know.

You can haggle
Well, you are buying a service after all and whilst haggling may not be your forte you need to haggle to get the best deals, especially when it comes to selling fees and marketing of your property. This where the high street has ruled in terms of costs, but the online world leaves you to haggle down more and more prices where possible.

Always start with an offer that you have in your mind and try and meet the seller halfway, even if all you achieve is a £100 reduction in fees, in the end it will be worth it. Base your negotiations on timescales to sell and total amount of marketing activity.

Avoid the timewasters

Because your home is online and being sent to hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers, you can get rid of the timewasters by having your home marketed online. Ensure that you have clear photographs of your property, both inside and out and make sure that they are taken on the correct photographic equipment; your phone is not always the best option.

By making sure your house is clearly marketed, you can cut out the timewasters and focus on selling your home to genuinely interested customers.

You have final say

That’s right, for most, if not the most important decisions of selling your home online, you get to have final say. From how it is marketed to the times that people come to visit your home. Also, with more people looking to sell their homes quicker online, the nature of the game shifts to the favour of the seller. You can haggle price and a whole range of decisions when it comes to your home sale.



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