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5 Key Sunglasses Styles for this Summer

Whether you’re looking for sporty wrap-arounds or frames with a little more classic styling, there is a style of sunglasses to suit everyone. Check out our top five sunglass styles for this summer.


They’ve been around since the 1960s and became big in the 1990s; since then wrap-around sunglasses have lost none of their popularity, especially for outdoor activities such as skiing and cycling. Wrap-arounds have a curved, streamlined shape, with lenses sitting close to the face to provide full eye coverage and allow a wide range of vision. Lenses may be a fairly narrow band, or they may have a more circular or squarish shape, depending on the design. Many have thick frame sections to the side to provide complete protection from the sun and prevent dirt and debris blowing up into the eye. It’s not just the shape that is crafted for performance – the materials used in wrap-arounds are typically top-quality lightweight materials, often incorporating mirrored lenses for glare deflection. Wrap-arounds are available as prescription sunglasses for active types who need help with their vision. Check out top brands like Bolle, Oakley, Persol and Cébé.

Wayfarer Style

Since coming onto the scene in the 1950s, Wayfarers have become one of the most popular designs of sunglasses in history, if not the most popular. The relaxed but slightly boxy shape complements all types of face shape and size, and they come in a huge range of colours and styles, including traditional tortoiseshell. This versatility makes them very wearable and they’re an excellent choice for prescription sunglasses. Original Wayfarers were notable for their acetate frames, in contrast to metal, as much as the change from round lenses. The glasses have evolved since then and now include many high-performance models; as well as their creators, Ray-Ban, check out brands such as Shwood and Bailey Nelson.

Aviator Glasses

With their iconic shape, aviator sunglasses have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years and are now firmly on the radar again. They were originally developed to provide optimum protection from the sun’s glare at altitude and have distinctive large dark lenses, which are often reflective – other features include thin metal frames and a double bridge. Originally worn by pilots, they became popular in the 1960s thanks to the Beatles and again in the 1980s. Aviator sunglasses are versatile and suit a range of face shapes and styles, but are especially suited for more angular features. Look out for designs from Ray-Ban, Carrera and Persol.

Round Frames

Round sunglasses are the earliest type of sunglasses, originating at a time when it was far easier to cut simple circular lenses than the complex shapes available today. Round frames convey a classic style evocative of the 1920s and 1930s, a time when sunglass-wearing really took off. They are perfect for those whose fashion sense tends towards the vintage and heritage look. Round frames are especially suitable for those with stronger jaws and more angular features. Look out for designs by Giorgio Armani, DC and Eye Respect.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frames now come in a range of high-spec models using cutting edge processes and materials. They are available in various sizes, including oversized styles, and with their contemporary edge have a quite different feel to traditional round, wayfarer or aviator styles. Various finishes are available, from futuristic grey and sleek black to brown or tortoiseshell to soften the look. Rectangular frames provide definition for softer features but aren’t so suited to those with angular faces. Hot designs are available from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Hardy Amies and Dita Legends.

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Russell Andrew is the Director of a leading online prescription glasses retailer, specialising in eye care products like spectacles, lenses,Prescription sunglasses, frames, etc. He loves to share his thoughts on eye health and designer sunglasses. You can know more about him on Linkedin.

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