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Many bloggers use lists in their articles. There are many reasons bloggers do that. In this post, I am going to prove why using lists is a good way to express your thoughts in a post. Here goes the list:

1. Lists are usually easy to write and easy to compose. If you want to share a few of your thoughts, you might find it a lot easier to break them down if you use lists.
2. Lists look neat. If you would like to know what I mean by that, look at any list in any post on this blog. Lists can make any post look well organized and visually pleasing.
3. Lists are easy to read, because they can summarize your ideas. By looking at the list, you know what a post is going to be about.
4. Lists tend to be persuasive, especially if you want to convince your readers about something.
5. Lists can be comprehensive. By using them to compose your posts, you make sure that your post is going to be concise. You can cover many thoughts in one short list.
6. People like lists. I cannot think of any person who would not like lists. There are so many benefits of using lists that it would be difficult for me to mention all of them in this post. Your readers will like reading your posts if they see that they consist of lists.
7. Lists help communicate ideas quickly and easily. Since many online readers tend to be lazy, lists can help them read points they are interested in the most.

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